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Placing people at the       of everything we do.


Disability Support and Care Services

Brisbane - Toowoomba - Warwick - Sunshine Coast

Platinum Care Services consistently deliver a standard of excellence in disability care by placing people at the heart of everything we do.  For almost a decade, we have been supporting people beyond their disabilities.  We currently provide disability support services in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Warwick.

We always deliver personal and professional services that improve the quality of life of people with disabilities, by enhancing independence and facilitating social and community participation.  We strive to involve family members, loved ones and carers on the journey to ensure that our services consider every part of our client’s daily life.  Every member of our support team has appreciation for each client’s uniqueness that makes for truly rewarding work.

We support people with a range of intellectual and physical disabilities, and from all age groups and cultural backgrounds.  We provide a friendly, high quality support service that is respectful, flexible, affordable and accessible.  We tailor support to suit each client’s needs and focus on the services that add the greatest value to their lives, assisting them to achieve personal goals.

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Life Skills Development

We provide support to help develop the life skills that will assist you to live independently in your community.  Our dedicated staff provide reliable, innovative and flexible support to suit your individual needs and personal goals.

We work with you to understand the skills that you want to learn, develop or maintain.  We focus on building confidence and independence to allow you to reach your potential.


We can assist you to develop your daily living skills by providing:

  • Meal planning and preparation

  • Support with your health and wellbeing

  • Travel skills including road safety and using  public transport

  • Support to develop social networks and friendships

  • Assistance with budgeting and managing finances

  • Support with literacy and numeracy

  • Support when dealing with Government departments, bills or accommodation

  • Social interaction and communication with others

In Home Disability Support

We believe that people with a disability should have the same rights as others and to live their life in the comfort of their own home.  Being able to remain living in your own home has many benefits.  For example, it’s easier to stay socially connected with family and friends and living in familiar surrounds gives you the confidence to take control of your life and live the way you want to.  In home support provides families and carers with a temporary break from the responsibilities of caring for a person with a disability and a break from routine.  Many families regard in home support as the most important support in maintaining the family unit.

As a registered NDIS Service Provider, we ensure that our client-centered, diverse range of in-home disability support assists to increase your independence, maintain your well-being and helps you pursue your goals.  Our in home disability support is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  We ensure that we find the right disability worker to suit your circumstances, lifestyle, routine and family.  


We can support you to live independently in your home by providing assistance with:

  • Food preparation and meal times

  • Showering, bathing and dressing

  • Transportation

  • Medications

  • Personal hygiene

  • Domestic duties such as vacuuming, cleaning, or ironing

  • Overnight care

Community Participation

Community participation is a basic fundamental for all people, including people with a disability.  It can lead to improved wellbeing outcomes surrounding health, employment, education, income and life satisfaction.  Additionally, it can lead to an improvement in the behaviour, attitude and self-confidence of people with a disability, as well as their family and carers.

The need and requirement for assistance with social and community participation is typically included in your NDIS plan.  It is usually based on your personal requirements and abilities.  It is therefore very important to discuss your goals and expectations in detail with us.  Should you decide to partner with us, we will ensure that we find the right disability support worker to suit your circumstances, lifestyle, routine and family.

We can support you to participate in your community in many ways, including:

  • Going to school, university or sports

  • Going to external programs and appointments

  • Going on holidays, to the movies or meeting up with friends

  • Running everyday errands

  • Learning a new skill or any number of hobbies, arts or crafts

Assistance with Life Stages and Transitions

Our overall goal with this type of support is to assist you to develop your capacity building skills to a point where you are self-able to live at home and can engage in community access programs independently.  Our individualised plans ensure the best quality support is provided and your goals or required outcomes are met.  This support includes short and long-term supports that focus on strengthening your ability to coordinate supports and to assist you to live at home and participate in your community.

We can support you with life stages and transitions by providing:

  • Support for you to participate and network within your community

  • Mentoring, goal setting, peer support and individual skills development

  • Assistance with decision making, daily planning and budgeting

  • Capacity building skills

  • Development of self-care and life skills

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Accommodation and Tenancy Obligations

We provide you with assistance to understand and fulfill your accommodation and tenancy obligations. This can include providing guidance or assisting you to undertake activities to ensure you obtain or retain appropriate accommodation.  This may also include assisting you to apply for a rental tenancy or to undertake tenancy obligations on your behalf.
Our accommodation and tenancy support services can include assessment, individual case planning, practical one on one assistance or liaising with service providers.

We can support you with your accommodation and tenancy obligations by providing:

  • Assistance to secure the most suitable accommodation to fulfill your needs and requirements.

  • We can liaise on your behalf with external parties including real estate agents and the DHHS, to secure and maintain your current tenancy or resolve conflict for at risk tenancies.

  • Assistance with managing your budget, and rental or utility payment plans.

  • Assistance with rental applications, lodgements, grants and Bond Loans with the DHHS or other organisations.


We provide personal and professional services that improve the quality of life of people with disabilities by enhancing independence and facilitating social and community participation.  We strive to involve family members, loved ones and carers on the journey to ensure that our services take into consideration, every aspect of a person’s daily life.  For every member of our team, having appreciation for each person’s uniqueness makes for truly rewarding work.

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Community Participation

We provide people with community access support. This may involve a team member accompanying a person on a community outing and/or transportation from home to the community activity.

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Assistance with Life Stage Transitions

We provide support to help people transition through different life stages by assisting them and/or supervising daily personal tasks to enable them to live as independently as possible. This support is provided individually to participants in a range of environments, including but not limited to your own home.


Accommodation/ Tenancy Assistance

We provide assistance with

accommodation or tenancy obligations as a support to guide, prompt, or undertake activities to ensure our clients obtain/retain appropriate accommodation. The support may include assisting people to apply for a rental tenancy or to undertake tenancy obligations on your behalf.



We believe in exemplifying the highest standards of honesty and integrity in our everyday actions. When we genuinely do this, we know we can deeply connect with the people we care for and their loved ones.



To aim for the highest standard in the 'big' things, we must develop the habit in the 'small' things. This means excellence is not something that happens once in awhile, but a prevailing attitude in everything we do.



To care for people and earn their trust requires acts of service that are repeated over time. It is within the human interaction over simple daily routines at home and out in the community, that people’s lives are transformed.



We believe each and every one of us was born for community. To assist our clients enjoy a better quality of life, we help them connect to their community and participate in the world in which they live.



We treat every person as a unique individual, caring for them beyond their disabilities.



"Platinum Care Services was initially recommended to me 12 months ago for their experienced, individualised and nurturing approach. I was assigned three support workers, each with different attributes and skill sets, which illustrated Platinum’s ability to provide professional, diverse, well matched support for each of their clients."



"From my first contact with Platinum Care Services Manager, Kevin Philippa, his warm friendliness impressed me. He organised a support worker with a passion to care and encourage me. I can't think of a better match.  This Support Worker is now a friend and much appreciated. I give Platinum Care Services 10 out of 10!"