"Platinum Care Services was initially recommended to me 12 months ago for their experienced, individualised and nurturing approach. I was assigned three support workers, each with different attributes and skill sets, which illustrated Platinum’s ability to provide professional, diverse, well matched support for each of their clients.


The support I have received in the past 12 months has enabled me to build social connections, feel less isolated and learn to talk about things other than my mental illness. Platinum’s support has assisted me to develop my confident and self-esteem, regulate my emotions, develop my communication skills and decrease my social isolation. 

I’ve been assisted to explore home projects such as gardening, meal preparation and spiritual awareness, as well as attend the gym and broaden my access to a multidisciplinary team.  


Platinum Care Services has been the key to my personal growth in the last 12 months, improving my motivation, keeping me engaged in my psychotherapy treatment, developing my independence and becoming self-sufficient."



“I started with Platinum Care Services in early 2017. They were highly recommended by my Support Coordinator in Toowoomba who had previous experience with them. From my first contact with PCS Manager, Kevin Philippa, his warm friendliness impressed me. He organised a Support Worker with a passion to care and encourage me. I can't think of a better match. Having some brain damage and limited capabilities means it is hard to have friends. This Support Worker is now a friend and much appreciated. I understand Kevin was a Psychiatric nurse for 20 years. His experience shows through his care and his genuine heart for people. I give Platinum Care Services 10 out of 10!

We recently moved to the Sunshine Coast and are still being supported by Platinum Care Services but with other fantastic support staff. The way they match a client to a worker is really great and where they excel. They do not just give you someone who is available but take the time to listen to what you want and your interests.I usually push myself to try and accomplish more than I can cope with, but Platinum Care Services has provided the safeguards to help me grow in confidence while making sure I am safe. They remind me when I should stop or rest, and I rely on their advice.

Over the years prior, I was with five other Service Providers. Platinum Care Services have easily been the best, matching me with appropriate carers with life goals, interests, similar age, and excellent caring abilities. I can highly recommend Platinum Care Services.  It has been a joy to give this report as my life has improved so much with their support.”